A Geopolitical Note

On September 1, 2010 by Editor

A photo of chickens drinking water

Chicken drinking water

You may have heard of the parable – A butterfly flaps its wings and a tsunami occurs across the world, to illustrate how international air, sea and land travel has made the world a much ‘smaller’ place in the last 50 years and how intertwined our lives have become with others across the world.

I am but a small cog in the wheel, I can’t do anything on my own.

It’s a common refrain, considering the power of transnational companies whose annual sales exceed the production of many African and Asian countries.

So, how powerful do you think you are?  Well, consider this: how would you like to help stop piracy off the coast of Somalia AND tuck into some great tasting food at the same time?

Here’s how: Eat an Organic chicken

Here’s why: Factory trawlers ‘hoover’ the seas for fish off the coast of Africa. The fish that Western palates do not want is sold as fish meal, which is high in protein.

Agricultural feed companies have a commercial imperative to buy the cheapest protein available.

Chickens need lots of protein to help them grow fast**. Their diet is about as divorced from nature as it is possible to be, and so some will be fed fish.

Traditional tribal fishing grounds have been denuded of stocks. In desperation, perhaps, some people have turned to piracy to feed their families. (Now, some of the piracy that makes the headlines appears to be for greed, since the potential winnings have become so large).

The US and other navies now spend £millions, frequently unsuccessfully, on protecting shipping lanes.

When you eat a conventional chicken, you may be inadvertently contributing to this vicious circle of events.

I hope I have not put you off your dinner!

In good health

Leon Pein


PS If you have researched this topic and have identified inaccuracies in the above, please feel free to email me leon@organickosher.co.uk

**Conventional chickens reach full weight at half the age of organic ones.  Imagine a 9 year old human having the body weight of a fully-grown 18 year old).

Modern chickens have been bred to maximise breast size. Some campaigners claim that chickens on factory farms often keel over because they are top-heavy, or collapse, because their legs cannot take the weight, and the only reason many are still standing, when they are loaded into crates for slaughter, is because they are crushed so tightly together that they can barely move.

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