Foods Which Cause Constipation

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Constipation in a young child as seen on X-ray

Constipation in a young child as seen on X-ray

Usually the main reason for constipation is the nature of your diet. The diet rich in fats and low on fiber creates problems. People who eat lots of fruits and vegetables and high fiber diet are at lower risk to develop constipation. On the contrary, people who consume low fiber diet are at higher risk of getting affected by constipation.

So in order to avoid constipation diet is a main factor which must be considered at each step. If we wish to avoid constipation, we should regularize our diet as per the requirement. You should also consume large amounts of water (7-9 glasses) every day apart from a proper diet.

Some good foods which you can take in your diet to avoid constipation are:

1. Fiber has a very important role in our diet for avoiding constipation. Both the insoluble and soluble fibers are essential for us. They are abundantly found in grains, vegetables and fruits which can not be completely digested by the human body.

The soluble fibers are easily soluble in the water and form a gel type texture in the intestine. The insoluble fibers remain unchanged when they pass through our intestines and give bulk to our stools and prevent the formation of hard stools which are painful and difficult to pass out.

2. The low fiber diet plays a significant role in increasing the problem of constipation. Generally the older people lose interest in healthy foods and eat all high starch low fiber foods in order to avoid difficulties in swallowing and chewing in the old age. This results in the problem of constipation in them. Foods like snacks, ice creams, meat, pizza, instant mashed potatoes or some frozen dinners contribute to the constipation.

3. Some of the food like-

Meats like pork and beef actually slows down the digestion process consistently.

Potatoes can cause the constipation due to their high starch content.

Cheese contributes a great deal to the constipation.

Pasta and bread enhances the constipation.

Pizza leads to constipation as it contains excess amount of cheese.

Many fast foods like hamburgers, fries, stuff etc give you little nutrition but lot’s of constipation troubles.

Products high on sugar enhance the constipation effect and also create very less energy.

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