The Benefits of Eating Raw Food.

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Eating raw food is the best way of improving your health and for losing weight.

Raw food is raw plant foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables seeds grain beans nuts dehydrated fruit and seaweed.

If you heat food to a temperature above 46 Celsius the heat kills off many of the enzymes in food that are key to helping the body digest food. Raw food also has a life force within it especially sprouting food which is lost when food is cooked.

There are many benefits to following a raw food diet include:

Improved energy and strength,better skin appearance,better digestion,weight loss, & better colonic condition.

By switching to raw you will avoid many ingredients of the conventional diet that are just not good for us.

For example sugar, processed wheat,too much protein.

Not only that we find that by going raw we eliminate additives,synthetic ingredients,pesticides from crop spraying. Really when you go to the supermarket you should be spending most of your time in the fresh produce section not the meat section, or indeed most of the rest of the store.

Have you had a cooked meal recently. Firstly you should only eat until you no longer feel hungry. I know there is pressure on you to eat when you are out at a restaurant or at a friends house who has spent hours preparing a meal,but tell them in advance just how much you want to eat.I am sure they will understand.

After you’ve had that big meal then you’ll probably feel heavy.This is because the body is having to do a lot more work to break down the food you just ate as most of the enzymes were destroyed in the cooking process.

Even then it does not break all the food down and much is left to rot in your lower intestine. This is why you need to have a colonic irrigation. Only that process will flush all the toxic waste out of your body.

You are more likely get get sick if you follow a mainly acidic diet. The body needs to be leaning towards an alkaline balance and of course raw vegetables delivers the goods here.

Don’t think that a raw food diet excludes anything that is dried out, such as dates, apricots, or prunes. It is quite all right to warm food just enough to evaporate the water and this will not effect the nutritional quality of your raw food.

So start eating raw food now and do your bit for the planet too.The carbon footprint of raw is so much lower than that of meat.



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