Taking A Look At The Low Carb Diet Programs

On March 28, 2012 by Editor

Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition (Photo credit: fantasyhealthball)

Many people have used low carb diets in order to lose the extra weight. The question is, is this type of diet a good option for you and your body? While people have used this diet to drop loads of weight, there are other people who found that they could not stick to the diet because of the food restrictions. You will also need to know what other effects this type of diet can have on your body. In this article we will be taking a closer look at the low carb diet plans and explain some benefits and negative effects of the diet.

The first thing you need to know about this diet is that you really can drop the extra weight fast. In fact, if you can follow this type of diet to the letter, you will find that it is the fastest way to lose weight without exercise. Of course if you combine this diet plan with an exercise plan you will find that you will be losing the weight even faster. In fact people have reported losing one pound a day by using this type of eating plan.

Something else you should know about these diet plans is that you will not be able to eat as much as you want. You may have heard that eating a low carb diet will allow to eat as much low carb food as you want and still lose weight. While this may work to a limited extent you must realize that calories count to. And while low carb foods have less carbs than other foods they still have carbs. Which means when you are eating a lot of this type of food you are eating a lot more carbs. And when you think about it that is exactly what this program is designed to reduce. So you really do have to have portion control, along with the low carbs.

Another thing you should realize is that if you are not the kind of person who doesn’t eat vegetables, this is not a good weight loss choice. If your low carb diet only consists of foods like meat and eggs, you will not be getting the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Some people have even ended up getting scurvy because of this diet. When you are only eating meats and eggs, you are not getting the vitamin C your body needs to fight off scurvy. In fact you are usually depriving your body of many vitamins you need to stay healthy and that can lead to other health issues.

In short, you can lose a lot of weight using this type of diet plan, but you can adversely be effecting your health. While many doctors will not recommend this type of diet, you should see a doctor if you plan on using it anyway. A doctor will be able to recommend the vitamin supplements you will need to make sure your body is getting the nutrition it needs.

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