Using your Brain to Embrace Healthy Living

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For many people the temptations of daily life and the sedentary way of living which has been adopted, have led to rapid weight gain and sometimes when people finally get around to trying to shift it they find themselves fighting a losing battle. With the yo-yo dieting ways of today’s society it is no wonder that people chop and change from diet plan to diet plan and actually end up getting nowhere fast. For those that do happen upon the miracle diet, they may see huge success but as soon as they relax their adherence to the plan they find themselves piling on the weight once again. 

Train your Brain for a New You

One of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal is actually your brain. By exercising it and also understanding the effects of weight gain and implications for your future health you are giving yourself the biggest chance to embrace a lifestyle change. People have to alter their mind-sets to accept that diet plans are a tool with which to fix a problem (usually temporarily) but do not resolve the root cause. Dieting is, if you will, a fire fighting mechanism, when really you want to promote fire safety and prevent them from ever happening in the first place.

Through the conditioning of your brain you can work with your body instead of against it, in order to have the most success in achieving a healthier diet. The important thing is to get your head to understand that you are in fact not going on a diet but adopting a new way of food life and a new way of making choices.


The very first place where people can fall down on making healthy changes in life is by underestimating the importance of exercise. Any foods which go into your body hit your metabolism, a genetically designed setting, controlling the speed at which you process food, digest it and translate into energy the calories you ingest. Exercise plays a very important supporting role in helping to speed up metabolism and burn off excess calories that are surplus to requirements. Feeding your body the right food groups allows it to not only feel more healthy but also to enhance your exercise and make it even more valuable as a resource to your body.

Using that brain of yours again, create an exercise training schedule and commit to sticking to it. Don’t over promise, be realistic and factor into your life an exercise plan that fits. Even if you can only make one gym session a week, if that is one more than you had been doing it will make a massive change to your fitness levels. Slowly, challenge yourself to achieve more so that over the weeks your brain is powering your body by mentally challenging it and willing it to succeed.

Healthy and Balanced Foods

The food stuffs that you put into your body reflect the way your body will take shape. If you eat fatty foods the likelihood is that you will carry more fatty tissue around on your stomach, bottom and thighs. If you eat lean meat mixed with the appropriate amounts of well cooked fresh vegetables and a small amount of carbohydrate you are looking at a healthy plate, which in turn will be reflected in time, by a healthy body shape.

Fresh vegetables are important components of a...

Fresh vegetables are important components of a healthy diet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Grow your Own

On a daily basis you should be loading your body with vitamins and minerals and fresh vegetables and fruit are the easiest and most enjoyable place to start!

Growing your own vegetables and fruit, and keeping hens for eggs is becoming not only an economically wise move but also health wise it ensures you know exactly where those foods have been sourced. In addition ecologically it means there is less need for transportation, reducing the toxins in the environment, the number of trucks on the road, and lowering the costs for remaining transportation providers in fuel and truck insurance.

‘Being healthy’ comes down to the choices you make at the grocery store and in the kitchen and they must be choices that affect the whole family, not just one person within a family unit. If you are adopting a new way of living and a new attitude to food then it has be done as a supporting group.

Replacing the word diet with life plan, using your brain to support your will power, and making time for exercise, will see you make the big changes today which will work for your tomorrow.

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