Those Skeptics Are Wrong – Saturated Fat Is OK For You

On August 21, 2010 by Editor

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In spite of what you may have read, including some of those edicts distributed by government health officials, saturated fat is important for your diet and it’s not only okay to eat, it can be very beneficial. All we hear is that saturated fat clogs our arteries and gives us heart problems, leading to a higher mortality rate which is enough to scare anybody away from buying it. It’s trendy to rail against saturated fats and to promote supposedly healthy alternatives. We should bear in mind though going back thousands and thousands of years, humans have been eating diets which contain a lot of saturated fat since time began. Is it possible that the way we have evolved has caused us to go through a significant change in the way that we handle these fats, leading to a considerable amount of bad press, or are we just being given the wrong answer? It seems that this second point is more likely.

Consider the benefits of eating saturated fat in your diet:

Fat is known to be a critical source of fuel and as such, contributory to our daily needs. About 50% of the fat that is in our bodies is made up of saturated fat and going back to the time of our ancestors, was critical for them to survive, as it was converted and stored within their bodies. Saturated fat and unsaturated fats are very different and cooking can be bad for your health unless you know all the risks associated. Consider that polyunsaturated fats can become unstable when they are hot, leading to the creation of free radicals that can in turn lead to damage to our cells. If we rely on polyunsaturated fat, heart disease can result, even though they say it is in fact “good” for our hearts. Monounsaturated fats, in certain doses, can lead to premature aging and cancer, while unsaturated fat alternatives such as corn oil or coco can lead to a deficit when it comes to essential Omega-three fatty acids.

When it comes to our structure and bone development, saturated fat has been shown to be very important, especially due to its calcium content. Vitamin D and K2, essential for healthy development, are readily obtainable from this type of fat. Just consider what saturated fat can do for your skin. We are at increasing risk of developing skin cancer and premature aging damage caused by the effects of the sun, while this type of fat has been shown to make skin cells much more resistant to this damage.

Saturated fat has been linked to essential stabilization and signaling activities within our bodies, the production of hormones, “padding” around the essential organs such as the heart and even the quality and function of our lung capacity. Some research has shown that trans fats can compromise lung function and lead to asthma.

We have heard much about essential fatty acids and how important they are to our health. They must be consumed through diet and cannot be produced by the body. The proliferation of saturated fats helps to protect essential fatty acids from oxidation and ensures that they are used for optimal effect.

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