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What we are aiming to do is ask you to take a moment out of your day to give some thought for food you are eating

12th Jul
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What Can Consumers do to Help Farming and Food Distribution?

What Can Consumers do to Help Make Farming and Food Distribution Sustainable?

11th May

Mending the Global Food Production and Pricing System

It is not entirely clear what sparked the recent E Coli outbreak in Germany.

02nd Jul

What Can We do to Help Make Food Distribution Sustainable?

Farming and food production have perhaps never been under greater pressure.

15th Jun
Sustainable Farming

A Geopolitical Note

The world a much ‘smaller’ place......

01st Sep

Genetically Modified Food: The Benefits and the Risks

Genetically modified foods or GM foods for short, also go under many different names, including transgenic food, genetically engineered food or biotech food.

30th Aug
GM Food

Can Nanotechnology Help Feed The World?

Can Nanotechnology Help Feed The World?

22nd Aug

GM food and you

A film of food allergic children

21st Aug
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