About The Book

This book is a collection of essays from leading experts discussing food manufacture, animal welfare, allergy, food hygiene… and our relationship with food

Topics discussed include

  • Factors affecting the development of food allergy
  • Implementation of statutory school food standards, what the standards are and some of the potential challenges to implementation
  • Ritual slaughter of livestock
  • The current understanding of human food poisoning
  • GM and other  technologies for food improvement: scientific and social implications
  • Is organic food better for you?

Our experts include;

  • Jo Smith, School Meals Development Officer, UK
  • Denis Murphy,  Professor of Biotechnology at the University of Glamorgan, United Kingdom
  • Robert Boyle – a Clinical Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Allergy at Imperial College, London, UK
  • Daniel Braune-Friedman, Jewish Chaplain at Oxford University and Oxford, UK Brookes University
  • Machteld Huber, Louis Bolk Instituut, The Netherlands
  • Christopher Gooding, Environmental Health Practitioner, UK
  • Sampo Lahtinen, Danisco Health & Nutrition center, Finland

You can find out more at www.ThoughtForFoodBook.com

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