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Using your Brain to Embrace Healthy Living

With the yo-yo dieting ways of today’s society .....

23rd Apr

10 Ways To Eliminate Food Poisoning With Your Microwave

Special care must be taken when cooking with microwaves

19th Apr

The Demand For Organic Markets In India Grows

Among all the pollution that is apparent here in India, there is a sea of green

30th Mar

Taking A Look At The Low Carb Diet Programs

Many people have used low carb diets in order to lose the extra weight.

28th Mar

Is Veganism Really Healthy?

There are many aspects of our life that we can try and make more ecological.

24th Jan

How to Get Kids interested in Healthy Eating

As a parent, you might feel that you’re fighting a losing battle....

22nd Oct
Children Eating

Mending the Global Food Production and Pricing System

It is not entirely clear what sparked the recent E Coli outbreak in Germany.

02nd Jul

The Benefits of Eating Raw Food.

Eating raw food is the best way of improving your health and for losing weight.

28th Jun

What Can We do to Help Make Food Distribution Sustainable?

Farming and food production have perhaps never been under greater pressure.

15th Jun
Sustainable Farming

Minimizing Soda Consumption in Kids

Today, kids are drinking more soda than ever before. According to a recent UCLA study, 41% of kids ages two to11 and 62% of teens ages 12-17 drink one or more sodas per day. Drinking one soda per day increases the risk of a child becoming overweight. The empty calories in soda make kids feel hungrier, thus leading to overeating. Also, caffeine in soda causes kids to become hyperactive, thus adversely affecting their ability to concentrate on tasks at hand. The sugar in soda also breaks down tooth enamel causing tooth decay and cavities. Moreover, kids who drink soda miss out on vitamins and nutrients found in milk and real juice. As a parent, it is understandable that you would be concerned about the soda your child consumes. But how to break the habit is a big question.

11th Jan
Tooth decay