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Minimizing Soda Consumption in Kids

Today, kids are drinking more soda than ever before. According to a recent UCLA study, 41% of kids ages two to11 and 62% of teens ages 12-17 drink one or more sodas per day. Drinking one soda per day increases the risk of a child becoming overweight. The empty calories in soda make kids feel hungrier, thus leading to overeating. Also, caffeine in soda causes kids to become hyperactive, thus adversely affecting their ability to concentrate on tasks at hand. The sugar in soda also breaks down tooth enamel causing tooth decay and cavities. Moreover, kids who drink soda miss out on vitamins and nutrients found in milk and real juice. As a parent, it is understandable that you would be concerned about the soda your child consumes. But how to break the habit is a big question.

11th Jan
Tooth decay

Hyperactivity food experiment tests childrens’ reaction

Hyperactivity food experiment tests childrens' reaction to high sugar intake

22nd Dec
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Healthy Chocolate – How To Choose

Did you know that 50% of people in the world say they could not live without chocolate?

29th Sep

Pro Ana versus Pro Recovery Websites

Choosing Hope Over Despair

23rd Sep

Benefits of Organic Honey

Some people have the opinion that all honey available in the market is natural honey obtained from the wild.

22nd Sep
Honey Bee

First Aid Tips : How to Treat Food Poisoning

First Aid Tips : How to Treat Food Poisoning

21st Sep
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Fish and Seafood – Still Healthy to Eat?

Gulf oil spill will have a major impact on the fish and seafood industry. The Gulf oil spill has been ongoing for several weeks now, and it is already having an impact on this country's fish and seafood industry. The federal government has banned fishing across 62,000 square miles of federal waters across the Gulf. That means that fish and seafood is becoming more scarce, and the prices for what is available is going up. Crab is up to $40 a bushel and shrimp has gone from $4.50 to $8.95 a pound. And that is just the beginning. Prices will continue to rise, in supermarkets, fish markets, and restaurants to try to offset the rising costs. Eating healthy fish and seafood will become much harder for the average middle-class American. And just how healthy will the fish and seafood be in the months and years to come? People are already getting worried about contamination in the fish. How is it going to play out in the near and distant future?

14th Sep
Dead Fish

The Incredible, Edible Egg? Unhealthy Troubles in Egg-Ville

The egg, is suffering from a severe salmonella outbreak in the U.S.

12th Sep

Foods Which Cause Constipation

Usually the main reason for constipation is the nature of your diet.

11th Sep

A Geopolitical Note

The world a much ‘smaller’ place......

01st Sep