Your diet is one of the most impactful areas of your life towards your overall health. The old saying, “You are what you eat” rings true in many cases, as you use what you eat as your fuel to create new cells, repair damage to your body, and perform that vital function of existence. Eating healthier is the best way that we can improve our health. But that doesn’t make eating healthy any easier, especially in our current society. Here are three keys for healthier eating habits that will help you make the switch to a healthier diet for good.

What You Eat

The first key for sticking to healthier eating habits is understanding how what you eat impacts your health. The first and largest part of your eating habits is understanding what you eat. Your food choices impact the nutrition of your meal as well as setting out portion sizes which help to cap calorie intake in meals. Make sure that you are always trying to choose nutritious food options, like whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and lean cuts of meat and fish as the stables of your diet to maintain your health. Fuel your body properly.

How You Eat

The next crucial key for establishing healthier eating habits is understanding the way how you eat impacts your nutrition. Diet is also about how you eat, how much you consume, your enjoyment, and your satisfaction post meal. Practicing mindful eating can help you be healthier and feel more satisfied with the food you eat. Try to eat at a dining table without using a screen, phone, or watching tv while you eat. This keeps you focused on eating, tasting your food, chewing slowly, and enjoying what is in front of you consciously, rather than just shoveling food into your mouth because it’s in front of you.

When You Eat

The final key that will help you to establish healthier eating habits is understanding how when you eat impacts your health. There is no single ideal way to schedule your meals or choose when you eat. But there are many different options that might be right for you. Some people prefer to eat many smaller meals spread out every hour or two, while others prefer just one or two large meals with a few snacks. Some people don’t eat until after noon, others stop eating after 7pm. Whatever works for you works, but consistency and intention can go a long way.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. If you focus on these three keys, you are going to find it easier to switch up your habits. Think about these three keys for the ideal adjustment to healthier eating habits.

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