If you’ve ever felt sluggish, had skin breakouts, or just don’t feel energised, the answer may be in your gut. When food doesn’t digest properly or we eat too much of the wrong things over a period of time, our gastrointestinal system lets us know. Eventually, the immune system can weaken, but changing your diet and getting ample rest time are two of the best remedies.

Be Aware of What You Eat

The old expression ‘you are what you eat’ applies to both good and not-so-great meal choices. Frequent consumption of deep-fried foods, as well as sugary or fatty foods, can upset your stomach. Eating out often can be bad because of the generous amounts of oil used in a single entree at certain establishments. The best way to preserve your gut and improve health is to look into healthier eating choices, selecting nutrient-dense options, and avoiding those foods that upset your stomach or cause problems.

Gut-healthy foods include fresh vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and proteins, but be sure to avoid lectins and nightshades if these are problematic for you. Fresh foods are loaded with fibre and can also aid in weight loss. Drinking at least six glasses of water daily also helps you consume less food by making you feel full faster. Taking fibre supplements is okay but the fibre found in food is best.

Talk to Your Doctor About GI Problems

If you find yourself in a hump that won’t go away, you should be aware that untreated anxiety, constant stress, or an inability to relax can cause gastrointestinal disorders. Food sensitivities can also wreak havoc on the gut. The sooner you see a doctor, the sooner healing will take place. This is the only person who can diagnose and treat conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, better known as IBS.

Be Active Throughout the Day

In addition to drinking more water instead of sugary drinks, being active also helps food digest faster. Sitting at a desk for hours makes it hard for meals to move through the GI tract properly and can lead to a lethargic feeling. While it’s difficult for working adults to maintain a vigorous workout schedule, small changes like taking short walks or daily stretching are a step in the right direction. The best way to establish a routine is to start small and increase the time gradually.

It’s important to remember that IBS symptoms are manageable. By saying cheerio to processed foods with preservatives that can be hard on the gut, you’re on your way to better health. The good thing about switching to a natural food diet is zero side effects, and some people feel the change in their body immediately.

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