In the pursuit of health and fitness goals, it is very common to see people vilify snacking, and do their best to eliminate snacking anywhere they can. But the truth is that sometimes snacking can be perfectly healthy. Our bodies need food for fuel, and by having a healthy, balanced snack, you can give your body the energy boost it needs. This, of course, depends entirely on what snack you are eating and its health benefits. Here are three healthy snack choices that you don’t have to feel guilty about to allow yourself to snack the right way.

Greek Yogurt

The first healthy snack choice that you can reach for guilt free is Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is a common healthy snack touted all over the internet, and it is just as good as people claim, both taste- and health-wise. A 200 gram serving of Greek yogurt is only 146 calories while packing in 20 grams of protein: more protein than a majority of protein bars on the market. On top of this, Greek yogurt also brings you a healthy mix of fats and carbs as well, while also delivering tons of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, zinc, and calcium.

Crunchy Vegetables

Another great healthy snack choice that you don’t have to feel guilty about reaching for is crunchy vegetables. Veggies are jam packed with nutrients, while still remaining low in calories. They are also able to pack in tons of flavor, especially when dipped in healthy dips and sauces. Even more so, crunchy vegetables can even have benefits for your oral health. Raw carrots are great for your teeth because they increase saliva production. This helps keep your teeth in a good condition to prevent the growth of bacteria that causes tooth decay and bad breath.


The final healthy snack choice that you don’t have to feel guilty about is popcorn. While not all popcorn is created equally, there are plenty of healthy popcorn options out there. Popcorn is a whole grain, salty-crunchy snack that is also incredibly filling and surprisingly low calorie compared to its volume. Not to mention your popcorn will also give you fiber to help your digestive system do its work. Make sure, however, that you are looking carefully at your popcorn before buying. Steer clear of extra fatty, extra buttery flavors that will add on calories.

Snacking can be a healthy choice; it is all about what you choose to snack on. Luckily, there are dozens of snack options that will leave you feeling full and energized. Choose any of these three guilt-free healthy snacks, or experiment with your own healthy choices for your snack time arsenal.

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