The best way to get the most out of the gym and make the best progress possible towards your fitness goals is to go into the gym with a fitness plan. A fitness plan will help you know exactly what you are going into the gym to do and help you as you make progress towards your goals. The two most common things people want to see from their fitness plan is to gain muscle or to lose weight. But what about after you have achieved your goals and are happy with where you are? Here is how to create a fitness plan to maintain your weight.

Introduce Some Cardio

The first aspect to creating a fitness plan to maintain your weight is to introduce some cardio. You don’t have to become a marathon runner here, just two or three thirty-minute sessions of jogging or running per week will be more than enough. This will help you train your cardiovascular fitness, as well as burn some additional calories to help you keep the weight off. Focus on finding a form of cardio that you really enjoy and include a few sessions a week if you can.

Carefully Plan Your Meals

The best fitness plan doesn’t just start and end at the gym. No, the best fitness plans are the plans that include planning for your diet. Your fitness is determined mostly by what you eat, not what you do in the gym. When you are drafting a meal plan, you should be focusing on eating healthy foods that are low in calories and filling. Nutrient-rich foods can help limit your calories while keeping you healthy. The goal of your meal plan should be to keep you full, satisfied, and happy. Enjoy what you eat, just find the healthiest way to enjoy what you eat.

Don’t Stop Lifting Weights

The final part of creating a fitness plan to maintain your weight is to make sure that you are still lifting weights. Lifting weights is one of if not the best form of exercise for transforming your body composition, helping you both lose fat and gain muscle. The last thing you want to do when maintaining weight is lay off the weights. It will help you maintain the muscle that you have grown and keep fat at bay.

Crafting a fitness plan is never easy, it takes a lot of work and thought. But crafting a fitness plan to maintain weight can be even harder, since it requires a lot of precision. Make sure that you follow these three pieces of advice to craft the perfect fitness plan to maintain your weight.

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