Like many people, you may believe that because you brush your teeth and use dental floss and mouthwash on a daily basis, your oral hygiene is taken care of. The truth is that your dental health is dependent on a lot more than just regular brushing. The overall condition of your mouth and teeth depends in large part on the type of food that you eat. Certain foods can wreak havoc on your teeth and gums, possibly causing tooth decay and gum disease. The following list can help you develop eating habits that leave you with bright, white teeth.

Worst Foods for Your Teeth

There are several types of foods that should only be eaten on a limited basis if you want to ensure healthy teeth and gums.

Sugary Food

Image source: Harvard Health

Food and snacks loaded with sugar are damaging for your teeth. This includes food like ice cream, candy, cookies, and soft drinks. Consuming tons of sugary food heightens your risk of tooth decay and cavities. The list of sugary foods includes anything made with processed sugar, including pies, cakes, candy, ice cream, and soft drinks.

Acidic Food

Highly acidic foods lower the pH balance in your mouth and dissolve the minerals in your enamel. This breakdown of enamel leads to tooth decay. To prevent this, limit your consumption of foods high in acid, including food like lemons, strawberries, tomatoes, coffee, alcohol, and pickles.

Best Foods for Your Teeth

Image source: Caring Convenient Dentistry

The absolute best foods for your teeth are the ones that raise the pH balance in your mouth, producing good bacteria, strengthening the enamel, and reducing the risk of tooth decay. Listed below are some of the best foods for your teeth.

Yogurt and Cheese

Yogurt and cheese are excellent for your teeth because they contain probiotics that produce healthy levels of good bacteria in your mouth, preventing tooth and gum disease. They’re also fantastic sources of the nutrients responsible for building and maintaining healthy, strong teeth, including calcium and Vitamin D.

Fiber-Rich Fruits and Vegetables

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Foods rich in fiber are great because they almost function as a natural toothbrush. The fiber rubs against gums and teeth, removing stuck particles and film. Foods rich in fiber and water are even better for you because they produce saliva. The saliva functions as a natural mouth rinse, lowering the likelihood of you developing cavities. Examples of food rich in fiber and water include carrots and apples.

Calcium-Rich Food

Foods rich in calcium can help strengthen your teeth. Calcium is critical to maintaining optimum dental health since it strengthens your teeth and your enamel. Calcium-rich foods like green leafy vegetables, tofu, and canned fish can help you reach your healthy mouth goals.