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Water is vital to survival, especially since the human body is around sixty percent water. Your hydration level can affect everything from cognition and digestion to filtration and physical health. The following are several science-backed reasons why it’s important for you to stay hydrated.

Physical Performance

Gym junkies and athletes can lose anywhere from six to nine percent of their body’s water content during workouts. Hydration is essential for active people who work out on a regular basis due to the fact that muscles are composed of eighty percent water. Dehydration can cause muscle weakness, fatigue, and uncomfortable heat levels in the body.

Keeping Body Systems Clean

Hydration helps the body flush out dangerous toxins. Kidneys use water to eliminate waste through urine. When the body is dehydrated, toxins build up in the urinary system. Drinking enough water can also prevent kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

Hydration and Salt Content

There is a direct correlation between water and salt in the body. Ninety percent of Americans have high sodium diets. A long-term solution is to eat less salt. However, a water flush is a fantastic short-term fix. Binging on salty foods can cause water retention. Water tends to stick to sodium in the body and bloating is the result. Drinking a full glass of water after a salty meal may help prevent uncomfortable water retention. Spending a day getting extra hydration can also help flush salt out of the body.

Cognitive Abilities

Losing one to three percent water content can increase anxiety, fogginess, and problem-solving. Impaired memory and mood are also side effects of water loss. Slight dehydration is caused by exercise, work, and hot summer days. Studies conducted on students found that hydration increases test scores. The reason for this is water’s positive effects on focus and anxiety.

Losing Weight

Water benefits all vital organ systems. Staying hydrated can increase metabolism and feelings of fullness. Studies prove that consuming just two liters of water per day can lead to forty-four percent more weight loss. Satiety has an enormous impact on weight loss. Many people confuse thirst with hunger. Overeating is often the result of this, which leads to weight gain. Prevent this by drinking an entire glass of water before every meal.


There is science behind the importance of hydration. Dehydration can cause serious health problems. It can also impair the body’s functions and abilities. Drinking water rids the body of toxins, increases energy, and improves performance. Hydration is an essential part of any health and fitness plan.