Due to busy schedules and lack of knowledge, many people today do not eat a very clean diet. The bulk of their diet consists of fast foods and other processed fare. This type of eating wreaks havoc on the body. Eating a clean diet can reverse a lot of the issues caused by the modern diet. Here’s a look at three ways you benefit from eating clean.

Improved Nutritional Intake

Consuming a diet of primarily clean foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables, gives you more energy than other kinds of diets do. What’s more, it’s a different kind of energy than the kind that stimulants like coffee give you.

Eatright says that eating a rainbow of natural colors each day, that is a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, provides your body with vitamins, minerals, natural salts, and other nutritional “must haves.” Since you have to eat anyway, it makes sense to get the majority of your nutrition through your food and not supplements. 

Knowing What’s in Your Food

For some people, food allergies cause very real issues. Unfortunately, a good number of people in the world today eat a lot of processed foods. Even more unfortunate is the fact that reading the label on the side of the box or can doesn’t really give you an idea of what’s in your food. This is when you’re ripe for an allergic reaction. As Dolman Law explains, unlisted or unknown ingredients in food can trigger unexpected allergic reactions.

Clean eating prevents this. When you eat clean, you eat from the outer aisles of the grocery store. That means the bulk of the food you consume comes from the produce aisles as well as the fresh meat aisles. Those foods haven’t been processed yet, giving you greater control over what goes into your body. You always know what’s in the food you eat because you can see it.

Healing Ailments

Clean diets, particularly a primarily whole-foods, plant-based diets have been shown to heal ailments and reverse chronic diseases, like heart disease and diabetes. In this article from WTOP, researchers discovered the link between diet and disease when they studied the world’s Blue Zones. 

These are places on earth known for having populations that live to advanced ages and who experience abundant health all their lives. The people living in these areas rarely eat processed food. Plant foods, even for the Blue Zones populations who do eat some meat, make up the majority of their diets. These people have very few instances of degenerative diseases, and people not living in the Blue Zones who adopt these diets reverse their chronic illnesses.

Eating a clean diet offers you many benefits both long- and short-term. You’ll feel a surge in your energy levels. You also know what goes into your food, thus lessening the possibility that you’ll eat something that will trigger your allergies. Finally, whole, clean foods have been shown to naturally heal many ailments, like heart disease or diabetes, making clean eating a practical choice from a medical standpoint as well.

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