Of all the high protein snacks out there, there are few that can compare to jerky. Jerky is a great source of lean protein, fueling your muscles and helping your body recover from exercise. Jerky is a great on the go snack for hiking, skiing, surfing, or just an afternoon around the house. But commercially sold jerkies can sometimes contain additives, like sugars, additional sodium, and preservatives. Making jerky at home can give you a healthier, more natural product. Here is everything that you need to make your own jerky at home that is delicious and healthy.

Choose Your Meat

The first thing that you need to make your own jerky is to choose the meat you are going to make jerky from. There is so much variety in the world of jerky, and you can pretty much make jerky from anything. You can make a classic beef jerky if you prefer, or you can make a turkey jerky, salmon jerky, tuna jerky, and many more. If you like exotic meats, jerky is a great way to enjoy those flavors as well. Feel free to experiment and try a few different meats for some variety in your jerky choices.

Get a Dehydrator

The next thing that you are going to need to make your own jerky is to get a dehydrator. Jerky is, after all, simply dehydrated and salted cuts of meat. You can try to make jerky at home in your oven, but the results you get with a dehydrate are leagues better. You can also use your dehydrator to make other dehydrated snacks like fruits. Dehydrated foods are great for taking backpacking because they’re lightweight. Getting a dehydrator can revolutionize how you make snacks for camping, hiking, and other outdoors activities. You won’t regret getting one.

Season Your Jerky

The final thing that you need to do before you can enjoy your home-made jerky is to season your jerky. You can keep it simple with just some salt and perhaps pepper to season and preserve your jerky. You can also go more flavorful with a teriyaki seasoning, or hot and spicy seasoned jerky. You can season your jerky before and after dehydrating for maximal flavor in your jerky.

There are few snacks that pack the protein heavy punch that jerky can bring. And you can make jerky at home pretty simply that has no additives like commercial jerkies can have. All you need are these three things, and you can make the most delicious jerky you have ever had at home.

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