It’s no secret that kids love snacks. But despite the overwhelming variety of options, there are not many healthy choices available, especially when it comes to your kids’ teeth. As a parent, you want to make sure your kids’ teeth are as healthy as they can be. While regular dental and orthodontic checkups are always important, there’s a lot that parents can do outside of the dentist’s office to help their kids understand how to take care of their teeth. The following are a few things to consider.


A snack should be high in nutrients so that your child’s health overall health can benefit from the snack. Having good overall health is imperative to good dental health.

Snacks should be low-fat, especially in trans-fat. Too much of bad fat can be the beginning of heart disease and overall bad health at a young age, which can lead to a decline in dental health in the future.


The texture of the snack is important because gooey snacks like fudge or chocolate can stick to your child’s teeth for a long time giving sugars more time to do damage. If your child eats a snack that will stick to their teeth or gums, make sure they brush their teeth afterwards to avoid these problems.


The snack should be low in sugars. Sugary snacks are bad for the teeth and can cause tooth decay, gum disease, and cavities. Sugar should be had in moderation and come mostly from natural sources such as fruit.

What is Best?

Fruits and vegetables make great, healthy snacks that can help your children get all their nutrients without damaging their teeth. While some fruits may be higher in sugar, the natural sugars don’t do as much damage as refined sugars do. But according to orthodontists, you should try to eat more balanced meals and limit snacks to help your teeth stay even healthier.

Healthy Snacking is Healthy Living

You want what’s best for your children, and that includes the best teeth. Choosing tasty, healthy snack options for them at a young age can make sure their teeth and overall health stay on the right track. Use snacks as an opportunity to teach your child about nutrition and dental health. These habits may seem like a small thing, but they set the foundation for their whole life.